Smart Growth Operational Programme (Measure 4.4)

In the framework of financing innovative research from the Smart Growth Operational Programme (Measure 4.4 of the SGOP), the Foundation for Polish Science has granted support in the following programmes: TEAM, TEAM-TECH, TEAM-TECH Core Facility and Core Facility +, First Team, Homing, Powroty, TEAM-NET, for the implementation of innovative projects falling within the scope of National Smart Specialisations, i.e. specific areas of the economy, the potential of which Poland wants to develop in order to compete at the international level. Support for research projects was awarded based on competitions, the first of which were organised back in 2016.

In view of the COVID-19 pandemic outbreak in April 2020, The Foundation for Polish Science has announced a competition for additional funds to finance new research tasks to combat the COVID-19 pandemic in ongoing projects in Measure 4.4. of the SGOP. Fourteen research projects were selected for funding, with nearly PLN 15 million donated.

The total amount of co-financing for the implementation of Measure 4.4 amounted to PLN 738.4 million from the European Union funds under the European Regional Development Fund from the Smart Growth Operational Programme.

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