Launch of START stipends for young researchers and the FNP Prize

The Foundation Council establishes the Foundation for Polish Science Prize, regarded to the present day as Poland’s most important scientific honour. The awards ceremony for the first prizes is held on 6 December 1992 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

An audit by the Supreme Audit Office recommends amendment of the statute to give the Foundation’s statutory authorities responsibilities comparable to those held by the authorities of commercial companies.

The Foundation Council approves the launch of a stipend programme for young researchers with the goal of retaining the most talented of them in the field of science. These stipends are awarded by the Foundation down to the present day under the START programme. The first ceremony for award of these stipends is held in March 1993 at the Royal Castle in Warsaw.

With entry into force of the Act Limiting Economic Activity by Public Officials, the entire Executive Board of the Foundation at that time submits its resignation.