Conclusion of the SKILLS project and Innovative Economy programmes and launch of International Research Agendas

The huge undertaking involving implementation of programmes financed from the Innovative Economy Operational Programme and the SKILLS project is completed.

In all six programmes realized under Innovative Economy (WELCOME, TEAM, International PhD Projects, HOMING PLUS, VENTURES, and PARENT-BRIDGE), a total of over PLNĀ 400 million has been devoted to scientific research. Funding has been received by 416 winners, over 2,000 stipend recipients have worked on their projects, and more than 80 research teams have been created.

Over 2,000 participants were involved in the SKILLS project, 240 training events were held on topics related to various aspects of the work of researchers, and over 400 people participated in other SKILLS programmes, realizing projects in such fields as commercialization of research, entrepreneurship, and popularization of science. A total of over PLNĀ 35.4 million is spent on implementation of the SKILLS project.

Realization of the new FNP programme International Research Agendas, financed from EU funds under the Smart Growth Operational Programme, is launched. About 10 new research institutions devoted to scientific excellence will be founded in Poland under this programme.